Drain Cleaning and Clearing

Using our modern inspection cameras and clearing equipment we can find the blockage and take the best course of action to clear the cause and help you take steps to prevent future blockages.


Roofing and Guttering

Sometimes we like to sit on other peoples rooves and enjoy the view however most of the time we are replacing or repairing the roof or guttering while we are there.

Back-flow Valve Inspection

Barwon Water requires that all business and residential properties that have secondary water supplies such as recycled water, rain watertank or bore supplies use a back-flow prevention device to avoid contamination of the town drinking water supply.  

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Water Storage and Pumps

Roadknight are fully licensed to install rain water tanks, pumps, grey water and recycled water systems either stand alone or connected to Barwon Water as a supplement supply.

Bespoke Garden Showers

For a number of years now we have been creating beautiful outdoor showers to for residents and guests to wash off the sand and salt to keep their homes clean.

Plumbing Electricals

Roadknight Plumbing is accredited to perform associated electrical work when doing things like connecting an electric hot water service.

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