Under decking Water proofing

Recently we installed waterproof trays before a deck was laid to allow the area below to stay dry and be more useful to the home owners for storage.

Third flooded house in two weeks.

Flexible connections are in just about every house these days, hiding under basins, troughs and sinks. PLEASE have a look and check these in your house by running your hand over them and if they spike you, or look rusty, call your plumber straight away!

Avoid Property Damage

A dishwasher with a leaking hose left unseen for over a month on the second story of a holiday house did some serious damage to floors, ceiling and furniture of this property.

Gas Heater Fan clogged with fluff and dust.

A gas heater should be checked each season prior to being used to make sure you don't have clogged fans like the one pictured and also to check for leaks or gas or deadly carbon monoxide.

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