Gas Hot Water Systems

An instantaneous gas, LPG or natural, hot water system provides an efficient means of only heating up your water when it is required and thus avoiding the expense of keeping a storage tank up to temperature. Combined in a booster arrangement with a Solar hot water hybrid system, gas is a versatile offering for your hot water needs.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric hot water storage system provides a relatively cheap and hassle free solution for hot water where gas may be cost prohibitive or not available to you. Boosted by a Solar roof system the running cost can be reduced dramatically during summer months or ensuring your only run in off peak mode can make electric a reasonable solution.

Solar Hot Water

Transferring the heat from the sun into water stored in a reservoir tank proves to be a very cost effective way to heat your hot water, however these system tend to be more expensive to install as they tend to require a gas based option to support the heating of the water in periods of low sun. With rebates and professionally planned solution with local knowledge to suit your needs, a Solar hot water system will pay for itself quickly and provide long term savings.

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